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NB: The terms and conditions of using our website may need to be updated from time to time dependent on our business needs. Any such changes to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and cookie policy will be notified via our site, however please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure you have read these terms and conditions and visit this page on a regular basis to ensure they have not changed since your last visit.

Use of our website & any of our electronic properties constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions listed below.

Business and Personal:

For the purposes of these terms, when viewing our site or digital content from us you agree that you do so as yourself and as the representative of any business that you work for/have an interest in.

Your privacy:

Full details of how we use and collect any data can be found on our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy pages. By using our site you are agreeing to the terms set out in both of these policies.

Limited License and reservation of rights:

By viewing this site you are entitled to make use of any content or information as long as the usage of that content and information is not in direct conflict with and subject to following terms:

  • You are NOT permitted to copy or use any content without the express permission of Energised Edge Ltd.
  • You are also NOT permitted to use any information or content without giving credit to as the source.

Energised Edge Ltd reserves the rights to all content displayed on this site unless the content has been used with the permission of a third party. Any such third party content will be clearly identified as such.

We do not like cheaters; as such this site is protected by copyscape, any infringements on the copyright of this site will be pursued to the full extent of the law.

Prohibited uses and content:

We want to build this site to be a place of great value to business owners and actively encourage you to post comments and use the share buttons where possible.

However we do not allow comments or content that is deemed to be attacking in nature (whether that is to or other users of this site) or of a derogatory nature and will not hesitate to take any appropriate action against anyone who submits such content.

Ownership of creative content and submissions:

Energised Edge Ltd remains the sole owner of any content, submitted by you or otherwise, on this site. The only exception to this ownership is for content which Energised Edge Ltd has used with the express permission of the original owner. Any such content can be identified by the credit which will be given to it.


All content on this site and any delivered digitally to you from is expressly the opinion of the author of that content.

As such we do not (as the author does not) accept any liability for any damages or problems that arise from you following any advice or details shared by us with you – it is all expressly opinion and we make no claims to the effectiveness of such content, unless they can be backed up by hard evidence.

Any information you receive and decide to act upon is solely at your own risk.

Right to remove:

We reserve the right to remove any content posted on our site including but not restricted to blog comments.

We also reserve the right to remove you from our database.

If you feel you have been removed in error please notify us by emailing [email protected]

Affiliate Links Policy:

Occasionally we may recommend a product or service which we feel would be beneficial for you to use. In the case that this product/service is not one of our own, we may be acting as an affiliate meaning if you decide to buy we would be paid a commission for recommending the product/service to you. If a link that we post is an affiliate link we will let you know by disclaiming that fact near to where the link is posted. For the removal of doubt and in case you do not see our disclaimer please assume all links to be affiliate in nature.

The product or service you buy is supplied exactly the same in price and features regardless of whether it is bought through our link or from the original seller.

You agree to indemnify Energised Edge Ltd from any damages incurred by using a product we have recommended, we hold no responsibility for services or products supplied by third parties or how you use them and only recommend based solely on our own experience of using that product/service.

You are under no obligation to buy a product or service we recommend through our affiliate link and can go direct to the supplier, however it would be nice if you could use our link so we could earn a commission :0).

Any affiliate links posted by you as a blog comment or in any other way will be deleted and removed from our site unless prior written permission has been obtained from us for that particular link. Permission must be sought on a link by link basis. We do not want our site to become a target for less than honourable affiliate marketers!

About These Terms:

If there is any inconsistency between these terms and those you have received for a service we are providing you with, the terms associated to the service shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

If you are in breach of any of these terms and we do not take immediate action, it does not mean we are giving up any rights we hold and may still take action at some point in the future.

That’s the end of the legal stuff, please enjoy our site and if you have any questions about these terms please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at inf[email protected] clearly stating “TandC” in the subject line.

Kind Regards,

The Energised Edge Team