Paid Traffic

Specifically Target Your Ideal Customers To Increase Conversions

With paid traffic campaigns (think Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram ads!) you can place targeted messages in front of your ideal customers, meaning they are more likely to become paying customers who buy from you again and again!

Using the main sources of paid traffic (search, display and social advertising) to get people to your site, you can ensure you’re getting the right customers to the right pages with the highest chance of conversion!

The three traffic sources we focus on are:

  • Search Advertising (also known as PPC or pay-per-click advertising)
    Customers who click on a PPC ad are 50% more likely to buy from you than organic visitors! (Unbounce)

    We use Google and Bing to present adverts to people who are searching specific terms and keywords related to what you do, meaning they are more likely to buy from you!

  • Display Advertising
    Display advertising is effective across all metrics, raising brand awareness by up to 12%, positively shifting brand perceptions by 2%, educating people about a brand by 2%, and driving purchase intent by 3%! (econsultancy)

    Using display advertising, we can place adverts for your business on the websites that your ideal customers are most likely to visit, to increase brand awareness and encourage them to visit your own website!

  • Social Advertising
    39% of global buyers find Social media as the source of motivation that drives them to make a purchase! (PwC)

    Social ads (including Facebook and Instagram) are a great way to increase brand awareness, but we can also use them to educate your target market and convert even more people into customers!

With our done-for-you service; we will use PPC, display and social advertising to:

    Using paid advertising methods allows us to target your most ideal customers! This means the people that see your ads will be more likely to become paying customers, which will help to drive sales!
    Through ongoing PPC management, we can easily track conversions and run split-tests to continuously improve your paid ad campaign performance and so your revenue and profits!
    Building targeted audiences for your adverts will allow us to identify prospects who are most like your ideal customers, so that you can also progress them into paying customers!
    We can bring more people to your website who are more likely to become paying customers!
    By placing ads in front of ideal customers who aren’t yet ready to buy, we can increase brand awareness so that they come to your business when they are ready to make a purchase!

We can do all of this for you with our done-for-you service, OR we can even train your organisation on how to do all of the above yourselves to create effective paid traffic campaigns that will target your most ideal customers and encourage them to buy from you!

The Stats…

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