Digital Sales Funnels

Easily Convert More People Into Buyers Whilst Driving Revenue And Profits Up

With conversion rates often as much as 3 to 5 times higher than a standard website page, if you don’t currently use digital sales funnels, how much business are you missing out on?

Digital sales funnels allow you to not only progress prospects into buyers, but to also drive your revenue and profits up by increasing the value of each sale.

To do this, every good funnel is split into 7 distinct sections:

  1. Traffic – getting prospects into your funnel using PPC, social, display advertising and retargeting!
  2. Bridging – using content to close the gap in knowledge with your “worst” traffic (customers who need a bit of educating before they can progress!)
  3. Micro-commitment – whether that’s signing-up for a free download or a free trial, this step deciphers who is most likely to go on to become a paying customer!
  4. Qualification of buyers – this step encourages prospects to take further steps (ideally making their first purchase) to qualify them as a buyer!
  5. Ascension – identifies your “hyperactive” buyers (those who have made several purchases) and presents them with further offers to increase their lifetime value.
  6. Promotion – encourages those buyers to refer new prospects to your business, who you can then progress along the same journey.
  7. Evangelism – this final section is where those buyers become your most loyal customers who openly promote your business without encouragement!

With our done-for-you digital sales funnel service; we can move prospective customers through those 7 sections to help you encourage customer loyalty!

But, ultimately, sales funnels will:

    We can use funnels to increase your prospect to buyer conversion rate by filtering out non-targeted individuals, to then focus on the people who are more likely to buy from you!
    Split-testing will allow us to identify areas within your user journey that need improving! Once improved, this will ultimately help to increase your conversion rate!
    Using content within the funnel will help to build relationships and educate prospects, so that they are more likely to buy from you now and also again in the future!
    Funnels will create a constant stream of new customers that gives you a consistent monthly income, therefore improving your overall revenue and profits!
    We will also set up a marketing automation process on the backend of your funnel that will increase the overall lifetime value of your customers!

We can do all of this for you with our done-for-you service, OR we can even train your organisation on how to do all of the above yourselves to create effective sales funnels that produce loyal customers.

Using digital funnels correctly will increase conversion rates, whilst also providing a better user experience that will encourage further and larger purchases than your standard website ever can!

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